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Why The Weekend Won’t Suck [December 18th – 20th]


You know when you’re browsing Netflix, and you spend an hour trying to figure out what the hell to watch before you realize, you could have finished half of a movie by that point? Well, now you know how we felt while we were trying to figure out how to recreate this weekend. Sensory overload of options aside though, we got a little somethin’ for everyone. Tryna get laid? Beyonce tickets. Tryna get techy? Mac Pro, bro. Or how about make a little extra cash while simultaneously berating your pals’ favorite athletes?

No doubt the biggest thing kicking off (get it?) this weekend is the Fantasy Football Super Bowl, where athletes, future athletes, former athletes, and anti athletes come together to pretend they would be able to take a hit from Aaron Hernandez, drink beer, and steal each others’ money. This is week sixteen of the debauchery. [Fantasize about] Play[ing] Ball!

If you’re more on the recluse tip these days, we got you covered there, too. Got a couple of brain-rotting DVD releases dropping this weekend, SNL is looking hot, and if you’re the kinda kid that wears his shoes inside (animals, all of you) you can rock Kobe’s new kicks while you veg. Here are the 10 best reasons we found for Why This Weekend Won’t Suck…

  • COED Writer