Ron Burgundy (aka Will Ferrell) Rocked Out For Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]

Will Ferrell showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Anchorman 2–and the world knew what to expect when Christopher Cross was announced as the musical guest. That’s because Christopher Cross is the ’70s flash-in-the-pan who had a massive debut album and a series of flop follow-ups. The chubby Texan still made some music history. “Ride Like The Wind” is a lite-FM classic, and also serves as the opening theme to Anchorman 2.

So, as everyone expected, Ron Burgundy showed up at the end of Jimmy Kimmel Live to join Christopher Cross on stage for a rocking rendition. As briefly seen in the actual film, Ron Burgundy sported a yachting cap that was likely a tribute to ’70s pop act The Captain & Tennille. The evening, however, belonged to Christopher Cross.

Don’t feel bad for that guy. Yes, he may be having to relive his past as a joke, but Christopher Cross also has an Oscar. That’s courtesy of his co-writing credit for “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do).” Arthur was a hit movie in 1981 for Dudley Moore. So rest assured that Christopher Cross has already looked at his Oscar a few times this week and thought, “Yeah, I’ll let come comedians goof on me.” And here’s just part of what we got…


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