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NFL Scorpion Lollipop Upsets Idiot Mom [VIDEO]


The St. Louis Rams hosted a Christmas party for children, and they had stockings full of candy for the kids. Good for them. Especially since it wasn’t cheap candy. It was cool stuff, like those lollipops that you can get with scorpions in them.

But guess what? There’s an idiot mom named Michelle West who’s all upset that her kid got one of those lollipops in a free stocking. Yeah. Michelle West is all outraged and has gone rushing to the media to express her outrage. Because you can’t do anything nice for kids without some idiot mom causing a commotion.

So is Michelle West so stupid that she actually thought some lollipop company had accidentally made up a treat with a whole scorpion embedded inside? It’s hard to tell. She called up Poison Control after she used tweezers to dig out the scorpion and confirm that it was real. Now it seems that somebody has explained to Michelle that scorpion lollipops are a perfectly legit (and cool!) candy to give to kids–so, if you go to that video, you’ll see Michelle explaining that, yeah, it’s a novelty candy, but novelty candy “shouldn’t be given to children, period.”

Of course, novelty candy is made for kids. Not their idiot parents. So the Rams office had to give her kid a brand new stocking full of candy. We’re all giving Michelle’s kid a lot of sympathy. Also, note that the idiot reporter in this video takes this all very seriously. So the real problem is an idiot parent who’s found idiot newscasters who are equally desperate for attention.

Meanwhile, here’s a video for intelligent people who dig novelty candies. Hey, you don’t have to be a kid…

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