Kate Upton & Bikini Stars In “The Other Woman” Trailer [PICS + VIDEO]

Kate  Upton in a white bikini stars in the new trailer for the upcoming movie The Other Woman–which already looks to be the biggest hit of 2014. We’ll certainly be buying our tickets early. The trailer has everything we need to convince us that The Other Woman is a man-bashing comedy that’s still out to draw in plenty of guys.

The film’s about the merry hijinks that result after amorous attorney Cameron Diaz discovers her boyfriend Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones) is married to Leslie Mann. The lowlife husband is also stepping out (specifically, onto the beach) with Kate Upton in a bikini. The trio of women scorned then team up —acting as, to quote Cameron, “the lawyer, the wife, and the boobs”—to unleash the fury that hell hath no other like on the cheater.

The Other Woman (and by that, we mean Kate Upton in a bikini) arrives on the big screen April 25, 2014. We’re praying for Imax 3D–especially with this trailer featuring Kate in a bikini running in deliriously slow-motion along a beach. It’s a scene that immediately places the Sports Illustrated model atop (and what a top!) a brickhouse pantheon that includes Bo Derek in 10 and Brooklyn Decker in Just Go With It.

And since Kate Upton is pretty much the film’s third leading lady, we don’t think we’ll get the kind of bait-and-switch that we got with her cameo in that reboot of The Three Stooges. Remember how the commercial had Kate coming out of the pool as a nun in a very special bikini, and they left that scene out of the movie? We do–but we still enjoy looking back at that shot.

The Other Woman isn’t a COED production, because our version would have run with the movie’s tagline—“Revenge has a threesome”—to create a lesbian lovefest to make Blue Is the Warmest Color look chilly by comparison. Also, we would’ve included a Kate Upton topless scene. To make up for that, check out a hot collection of Kate Upton topless pics right below this fantastic video…

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