December 20, 2013: Lucy Pinder Turns 30 [41 Big Pics]

Lucy Pinder turns 30 years old on This Day of Our “Good Lord!” December 20th–and we’re pretty sure that she’s stopped growing. It’s hard to be sure, because Lucy sure makes a hell of an imposing impression. She’s easily the hottest built babe to have emerged from Britain’s pin-up scene over the past decade. In fact, it’s barely been ten years since Lucy Pinder was discovered being nearly bare on a British beach.

The savvy photographer took some powerful pics that soon had Lucy signed to a modeling contract to one of Britain’s leading tabloids. The daily newspapers there often run pictures of hot babes. Lucy soon became a proper big name, and teased guys for several years before finally doing a full topless shoot for the notorious Nuts magazine in 2007. She’s become a real part of the magazine since then, and writes an advice column that’s–well, it’s pretty smart, but we don’t need a lot of convincing to do pretty much anything that Lucy Pinder says.

Lucy really helped to revive the British pin-up tradition, so even Yanks who haven’t yanked to her still owe this built brunette a big debt. Without her classy (and fun) example, we might not get to invoke English roses like Imogen Thomas. Lucy has certainly become a national treasure. It was kind of a shock when she was quickly voted out of the house when she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, but Lucy was also honest about being miserable in the house. Maybe her loyal fans just though she was being polite. We’ll try to be equally polite while leering at these fantastic 41 pics as Lucy turns a thrilling 30 years old–but we still might end up being vulgar Americans…

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