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Dawn Olivieri Sneaks Into “American Hustle” [PHOTOS]


Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams share a lesbian kiss in American Hustle. It’s not that big of a deal. More of a passing power play. The really big news about American Hustle–in terms of surprising sexuality–is that the critically-acclaimed film has one of our favorite occasional lesbians in an uncredited role. That would the dazzling Dawn Olivieri, who’s one of the best bisexual babes on cable courtesy of House of Lies.

There aren’t enough people watching the Showtime series, but that would change if more guys knew about Dawn Olivieri’s work as Monica Talbot. The character is officially gay, but Monica is a ruthless political consultant who still occasionally seduces her ex-husband (and frequent rival) played by Don Cheadle.

That experience lets Dawn fits right in with the sleazy political maneuvering of American Hustle–which makes it all the more baffling that the actress kinds of sneaks her way into the movie. Our only real consolation is that Dawn also managed to make it to the multiplexes this year (at least in New York City) in the bizarre indie horror movie Plush.

That was a thrill–as many geeks would agree, whether they originally discovered Dawn in episodes of Heroes or The Vampire Diaries. Regular guys might remember her in to two great episodes of How I Met Your Mother, or her one impressive episode of True Blood. There might be more quick appearances coming up, too, so we recommend following Dawn on Twitter. But first check out these pics and get an idea of why we need to see more of Dawn dawning on the big screen…

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