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Atlanta Is Playing A Game of Public Urination Roulette [VIDEO]


Everyone who lives in a city with a public subway or public transit system knows that their stations are basically giant hubs of poor hygiene habits and the most grotesque smelling humans you’ll ever meet outside of a comic book shop lock-in. Apparently, things got so bad for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) with people urinating in their elevators that they had to install a special system to catch people in, um, mid-stream.

MARTA’s station has 111 elevators but only one of them has a special urine detection system that can tell when a person is relieving themselves on the elevator and alert the authorities. The system can detect the splashing of urine on the elevator floor that alerts authorities to the unauthorized bladder emptying and just in case they deny it, the elevator is also equipped with a camera that is monitored by someone with one of the least interesting jobs in the state, according to

They’ve only installed the system in one elevator to keep those who get the urge to turn an elevator into a mobile port-a-potty on high alert. So that basically means that the city of Atlanta has turned their public transit system into one giant game of “Pee Roulette” where one lucky person will win the chance to be handcuffed in public with their pants around their ankles, placed in a transit authority security cell and be forced to pay a $250 fine for violating the Atlanta City Code’s list of public misdemeanors! And it can all be yours if “The Piss is Right!”

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