33 New Kate Upton Bouncing Boobs on the Beach GIFs


What’s the best way to celebrate Kate Upton‘s amazing look in the new trailer for the upcoming comedy The Other Woman? That’s right–GIFs that allow us to relive our very favorite moments from the film. Which, for now, is every scene that has Kate Upton in that white bikini and working her perfect bod on the beach.

Hey, we’re not the only people who are impressed. Check out the trailer and see Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann as two scorned women who are just as amazed by Kate’s awesome figure. You know another fun thing about that trailer? It reveals that Kate has a much bigger role than we anticipated. We knew that Kate Upton would steal some scenes and take up the screen, but we didn’t know that she’d be such a major character.

These GIFs of Kate in The Other Woman sure get us feeling inspired and touched. We’re ready to laugh and cry. Well, we’re mostly laughing, because Kate makes a pretty good impression in the trailer. No, not just physically, but with the way she delivers some dialogue. We might very well be heading into a future where Kate Upton is a regular presence on the big screen.

Anyway, we know that you’ll be cherishing these special moments from Kate’s new movie–but, wait, there’s more! There’s always more with Kate Upton. Good thing that there’s a weekend coming up, because you’ll want to commit some serious time to studying the amazing GIFs that wait below. In fact, these might take up your time right through Christmas vacation. So enjoy some beach GIFs that will really warm you up…

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