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WB Wants Joaquin Phoenix to Be “Batman vs. Superman’s” Bad Guy But Who Will He Play?


There are about a dozen rumors and wild stories cropping up everyday surrounding the production of Warner Bros.’s upcoming comic book team-up movie Batman vs. Superman but we haven’t heard much about the movie’s villain. The latest reports indicate that the studio wants Joaquin Phoenix, the star of Signs, Walk the Line and Gladiator and the perpetrator of one of the most epic career breakdowns/pranks we’ve ever seen, to play the movie’s villain. [Image via GabboT/Flickr]

It’s actually a smart choice since he has great range as an actor and can play very menacing characters like his Oscar-nominated role as the conniving Commodus in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. However, it’s not a sure thing. He’s been avoiding big, epic, million dollar movie projects for awhile now that he’s popular enough to have his choice of movie roles. He’s also received an offer to star in a new, lower budget Gus Van Sant movie that would start filming around the same time as Zac Snyder’s epic comic book team-up.

Of course, the big question is if he decides to take the role, what comic book villain would he play? Personally, the best choice would be Brainiac since he’s a new villain for the big screen and actually looks like something he’d be perfect for villain-wise. However, the word on the street is he’s going to play Superman’s main foe Lex Luthor. He could also be offered the role of Batman’s arch-nemesis┬áThe Joker–but it’s hard to see him in that role unless he starts taking whatever drug gave him his public breakdown that some people still aren’t sure was entirely a prank.

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