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“THE EXPENDABLES 3” First Trailer for Biggest Team-Up Yet [VIDEO]


The Expendables 2 was that most precious of beasts: a sequel that bested its predecessor. The 2012 follow-up improved on the 2010 original by more clearly and cleverly executing its mega-scaled action scenes (less shaky cam, more deadpan one-liners), as well as by simply upping the amount of movie strongmen on-screen.

Finally, it felt like the franchise’s promise was being lived up to: here was the live-action, human equivalent of when you were a kid and you’d team up G.I. Joe and He-Man with your Transformers to battle Darth Vader, Voltron, and a giant rubber snake.

So who’s ready now for another brawn-brained battle royale?

The just released teaser trailer for The Expendables 3 embodies the concept of “tease”, depicting the regulars assembling to a machine-gun-beat-enhanced theme from Bridge on the River Kwai and… well, nothing else. But there’s promise.

The toy chest is reloaded with some action figure changes. Bruce Willis is out. Harrison Ford and Antonio Banderas are in. Mel Gibson handles villain duties as an Expendable founder gone underground and evil. And straight out of the clink for tax evasion, Wesley Snipes is on board as well. Do call it a comeback (and Wesley, please, also call your accountant).

Rumor had it that Resident Evil’s supermodel superheroine Milla Jovovich would add some Expendabelle flair to this installment, but so far all we’re seeing is Expendaballs. The rest will be revealed when The Expendables 3 erupts into theaters in Summer 2014.

  • COED Writer