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Sportscaster Injured In Flaming Steak Incident


Just like athletes, sports reporters and broadcasters are susceptible to injuries and having to spend time on the injured reserved list. The major difference is it happens on their turf and we don’t mean astroturf. Take, for instance, Detroit sports guy Mike Valenti who hosts an afternoon sports show on WXYT and suffered some severe burns to his face at a local bistro, according to the Detroit Free Press. [Image via Kat Northern Lights Man/Flickr]

Somehow, the restaurant actually set the poor guy’s face on fire. That’s not an exaggeration. That is a literal interpretation of the incident in question. He ordered a famous dish from the restaurant called the “Flaming Tomahawk steak,” which involves a waiter bringing a big slab of meat to your table, pouring rum all over it and lighting it on fire. Either the waiter did it too close to the customer or Valenti leaned in a little too close for a whiff of his meal and the flames caused burns to a good portion of his face including lips, nose and cheek.

Here’s a pic–which is also a reminder that sportscasters are always really handsome guys…

But unlike athletes who get paid millions to play a game and decide to take off half a season for an injury that requires a Band-Aid, Valenti is still pressing on with his radio show. As they say in the business, you don’t need a face for radio. This is exactly the kind of on-the-job injury you might expect a sports radio talking head to sustain in the course of his job unless there is a way for a human being to accidentally swallow a microphone.

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