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Meagan Good on “The Arsenio Hall Show” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Meagan Good on The Arsenio Hall Show


What’s the biggest surprise in Anchorman 2? Well, our favorite cameo is too good to spoil. We just hope the guy got paid for it. As for the big surprise–well, that’ll be Meagan Good stealing the show as Ron Burgundy’s sexy new boss, who’s a mix of determined career woman and kinky sex goddess. It’s the kind of role that wouldn’t work without a gal like Meagan Kind in strict control.

See Her Tonight would still like to note that Christina Applegate is great–and sexy–as ever in her own returning role. We’re still a little resentful that Christina is showing up on the network shows and Meagan Good is off guesting with Arsenio Hall. (We should also note that Will Ferrell appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live with musician Christopher Cross, and there’ll definitely be some Ron Burgundy action there.) The important thing is that Meagan Good doesn’t just steal roles in Anchorman 2. She also stole the Anchorman 2 premiere with some of the most stellar sideboob that we’ve ever seen.

We have those pics here, along with some other hot shots that showcase why Meagan Good should be a much bigger star. She’s always working, but her last big comic showcase was in Mike Myers notorious bomb The Love Guru. Not even Meagan could save that one. Her television show Deception isn’t doing well in the ratings, but Anchorman 2 still provides a great showcase for this underseen gal. You can follow her rising star on Twitter, and see an awful lot of Meagan Good’s goodly self here…

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