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Irina Shayk In Underwear And Christmas Lights [PHOTOS + VIDEO]


Irina Shayk shakes some Christmas lights to remind us that the reason for the season is love–specifically, LOVE magazine, which is continuing its awesome Video Advent Calendar counting down to Christmas. Not every day promises a gorgeous model, but there have been plenty of them. You might remember our very special Snow Day with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. And now LOVE really livens up our holidays with Irina Shayk wrapped up in Christmas lights while sporting Calvin Klein underwear.

Irina is also sporting a pretty great singing voice. We’re pretty sure that’s actually her singing “Santa, Baby.” If so, then maybe it’s time for Irina to wrap up her modeling career and start performing in cabarets. She could be a heck of a torch singer. And don’t go complaining that we’re doing some kind of crazy talk. You don’t have to worry about Irinia Shayk doing anything we say. She won’t even respond to our psychic commands–no matter how many hours we spend outside her condo on Perry Street while thinking really hard.

Anyway, the video is really great, and we can’t recommend enough that you go watch Irinia being sexy, sultry, and charming. But we’ve also put together a little gallery of highlights from the shoot. Actually, a true collection of highlights would pretty much be a flip book of the entire shoot. That would be kind of labor intensive. Still, enjoy the pics below of Irina looking particularly striking from the shoot, and the video’s right below, so you can enjoy being serenaded by this holiday hottie

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