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December 19, 2013: 41 Hot Pics For Alyssa Milano’s 41st(!) Birthday


Hard to believe, but Alyssa Milano used to be really uncool. That was back in the ’90s, when she was mostly known as the cute girl from the Tony Danza sitcom Who’s The Boss? That series wrapped up in 1992, and it was deemed by certain folks–specifically, the carefully hip magazine Sassy–that Alyssa Milano was official shorthand for a boring cute girl who only made family entertainment.

But did Alyssa Milano let that bother her? She did not. Instead, Alyssa ignored the hipsters and made a trashy 1993 TV-movie ¬†where she played lethal Long Island Lolita (and future porn star) Amy Fisher. (Drew Barrymore filmed another Fisher biopic at the same time.) Alyssa followed that up with a campy cable film called Confessions of a Sorority Girl, and then announced that she was really grown up with Embrace of the Vampire–where Alyssa had a lesbian scene and a few nude scenes.

Embrace of the Vampire came out on Blu Ray a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been seeing a lot of Alyssa since then. Anyway, Alyssa followed up Embrace with Poison Ivy II (replacing Drew Barrymore’s big-screen bad girl), and then made it to the multiplexes in a supporting role with Reese Witherspoon in the 1996 Marky Mark thriller Fear.

Then came the witchy series Charmed (which also brought us costar Rose McGowan), and Alyssa could look back at a career that had easily outlasted Sassy. Which is good. But not as good as having¬†Embrace of the Vampire on Blu Ray–even though our favorite Alyssa Milano movie is still 1983’s Commando, where she plays Arnold Schwarzenegger’s little girl. Yeah. That’s a great movie, but let’s celebrate Alyssa Milano’s 41st(!) birthday with looking at how well she matured…

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