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“ANCHORMAN 2” Sportscaster Gets Lethal With “CHEAP THRILLS” [VIDEO]


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues took off at the box-office yesterday, and while news team members Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, and Steve Carrell all have high-profile follow-ups happening, it’s dark horse David Koechner—aka sportscaster Champ Kind—who turns out to have something dark, indeed, under his trademark ten-gallon cowboy hat.

Cheap Thrills is a black comedy that borders on all-out horror. Pat Healy and Ethan Embry co-star as cash-strapped sad sacks who meet up for a drink. Fate changes when Koechner—not sporting Champ Kind’s upscale cowboy duds—enters the bar accompanied by menacingly hot blonde Sara Paxton. They’re a flush couple out to party, and they offer the dudes cash in irresistibly escalating amounts to perform a series of increasingly perilous stunts.

The thrills start with a race to down a shot of booze and, numerous bloody and blood-curdling transgressions later, culminates with we know not what—but it’s ugly and scary and heart-pounding and there’s stripper butt, drawn guns, illicit consumptions, and potentially hacked off appendages. Koechner even appears to kick somebody’s keister in a rage.

Champ Kind’s secret side gets played up for big laughs in Anchorman 2, specifically (no spoilers) in regard to his Texas-sized affection for newsman Ron Burgundy. Cheap Thrills showcases David Koechner mining something deeper, darker, and, depending on your frame of mind–and potentially even more amusing. Stay classy? How about: stay sick!

COED Writer