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Alessandra Ambrosio In A Bikini Being A Reindeer [PHOTOS]


Alessandra Ambrosio just became our favorite reindeer. Seriously, the Victoria’s Secret model makes Dasher and Prancer look like glittery piles of puke. Same goes for Comet and Vixen. We’re even ready to turn Rudolph into venison, because we’d much rather follow Alessandra Ambrosio’s shiny red bikini bottom into a stormy winter night.

But we admit to being baffled by this sexy beach pics. We’re not looking for deeper meaning into Alessandra Ambrosio hitting the beach. We’ll gladly stare at Alessandra on the beach anytime, along with ogling all of her other hot photos. We just can’t figure what the plan is for these Christmas shots. Assuming they are Christmas shots, and this isn’t some bigger plan to inspire people to be nicer to animals with antlers.

Alessandra just took these pics yesterday, so that’s not a lot of time to turn them over into a proper Christmas photo shoot. It’s too late to send out Christmas cards, right? We’re not sure because we never get around to doing that until safely after Christmas–but if this is for Alessandra’s Christmas cards, that would explain why we haven’t gotten ours yet. We knew there had to be some good explanation. She hasn’t checked in about getting together for New Year’s Eve, either, but now we see that she’s been busy.

Anyway, it’s nice to know that Alessandra could grow horns and still be as sexy as ever. See for yourself with this sensational shoot that’ll get you growing horns yourself a keen interest in modern photography…

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