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We Got Your 8 Sexiest New Jersey Girls Right Here [PHOTOS]


It’s a big day in American history, as December 18th marks the anniversary of New Jersey signing the Constitution in 1787–becoming the third state to join the Union after Delaware and Pennsylvania. Some people would say that the United States would’ve been better off skipping right ahead to Georgia. There are even people in the COED offices who would say that, and not even care that they’re hurting the feelings of the proud New Jersey COED contingent.

But the proud New Jersey natives of COED are responding with this collection of Jersey Babes that would make any state proud. It’s not just gorgeous ladies who go on to stardom from New Jersey, either. The state has also given us important figures like Grover Cleveland and Zakk Wylde and Jerry Lewis and…

Okay, back to the ladies. We can guarantee that this list of joltin’ Jersey Girls is totally free of reality-show personalities. Also–since you’ll probably ask–let’s go ahead and note that Jamie-Lynn Sigler was born out on Long Island in New York. It’s a place that’s often mistaken for New Jersey. The state would be happy to claim her, too. Now check out these gals that any guy would be happy to claim as his own…

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