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The Newest Trailer for “Neighbors” Has Something Extra: A Second Air Bag Gag


The newest trailer for Neighbors offered something that the first trailer didn’t: TWO shots of Seth Rogen getting launched off an air bag. A second trailer for the frat comedy Neighbors starring Rogen and Zac Efron hit the web today. It it scheduled to be released in theaters on May 9th and is comes in on our list of Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 at #21.

For those who haven’t seen the first trailer, it stars Rogen has a new suburban dad who’s just trying to live the quiet, All-American family life with his wife played by Rose Byrne and infant daughter when a loud, raucous fraternity moves in next door led by Efron. The two get into an epic prank war when Rogen and Byrne call the cops on the fraternity for being too loud and keeping their baby daughter awake, complete with wanton destruction of private property and utter disregard for the other person’s personal safety.

This trailer was actually a blast to watch. It’s already got an inventive idea and plenty of great opportunities for some good, ol’ fashioned slapstick–like the aforementioned airbag gags we hope to see more of in the final product. We haven’t had a decent fraternity comedy movie since Old School and we’re not saying that will be better than the movie that gave us Frank the Tank and “My Boy Blue,” but it does have the chance to put a new twist on the genre.

If anything, it’s accomplished something that we never thought was possible in our lifetime: Making us look forward to seeing a Zac Efron movie without the use of urine!

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