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Ron Burgundy Stays Classy in “Anchorman 2” [MOVIE REVIEW]


Anchorman 2 is just like Anchorman–and that’s a good thing. Nine years later the jokes are still absurd, the hair is still fabulous, and the news still gets reported. Kind of.

See, the whole plot revolves around the first 24-hour news network and the millionaire owner who’s intent on using the news for his own benefit. He becomes delighted when Ron starts winning the ratings battles when they begin reporting stuff like “What Makes America Great,” live car chases, and the cutest dogs in the world. Essentially, Ron is responsible for killing cable television news.

The movie doesn’t begin with Ron battling the other networks–he’s first got to deal with some internal struggles as well. He’s fired from his job and takes up an announcing gig at Sea World back in San Diego, which goes about as well as milk goes with hot weather. Marital woes are also a key concern of his, despite the fact that he’s managed to woo his black female boss (who he literally can’t stop yelling about) at his new news station.

Don’t think that this movie is all plot because it’s not. I’m only mentioning the fact that there is a storyline to complement the non-stop jokes so that you don’t think that you’re walking into something stupid. Make no mistake about it, this movie is highly-entertaining and director Adam McKay knows exactly why people are coming to theaters.

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