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What do you get for the rock icon who presumably has everything, including knighthood, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd for a best friend, and bragging rights as “The Walrus”? If you fit that bill as snugly as Sir Paul McCartney, you bend and reach and lurch and lunge for a free giveaway Brooklyn Nets t-shirt. Then you grin and clap and clown and wobble like you’re still intimately equated with “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.”

At least that’s what the composer of “Yesterday,” “Live and Let Die,” and “Spies Like Us” did during halftime Monday night at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center. The tee-tosser did attempt to lob one right to Sir Paul, but the shirt fell short, bouncing into the clutches of a young NBA fan who may not have even realized he was within a $25-cup-of-beer’s spilling distance away from the auteur who in 1985 gave us Give My Regards to Broad Street.

Perhaps the famously vegetarian pale half of “Ebony and Ivory” felt excluded when a pep coordinator earlier blasted the crowd with a hot dog gun. That could explain groping with such gusto for some consolation swag. Regardless, Sir Paul’s presence apparently granted wings to the Nets as they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers, 130-94. At least we have this video–which is less surreal than the 1968 Yellow Submarine cartoon (although it might make you recall the film’s character Jeremy Boob). Maybe you’ll be amazed.

COED Writer