Parkour Santa Is An Epic Winter Win [VIDEO]

Tired of watching parkour videos where some guy ends up cracking his skull on the concrete? Yeah, we love that stuff, too. But we’re also happy to find the occasional inspiring clip–and there’s nothing more inspiring than some guy putting on a Santa suit and jumping around in the snow. We’ve done that, but it’s mostly involved alcohol and a series of pratfalls. We are kind of like Parkour Santa, though, in that there’s usually a video camera around.

Parkour Santa is happy to have his antics filmed, and we can’t blame him. In fact, this would be a good video to show a little kid who can’t imagine how Santa Claus makes his rounds all around the world on Christmas Eve. “Well, Jimmy,” we’d say, “Santa Claus is a kick-ass martial arts assassin on all the other nights of the year, and he can do lethal pivoting pinwheels while jumping from house to house–and God help any ninja that gets in his way.”

Then we’d drink some laced eggnog and feel good for keeping some magic in Little Jimmy’s life. Did we mention that he’s a blind orphan? Man, that Jimmy doesn’t appreciate everything we do for him. And while he can’t watch this video, we’re happy to share it with you…

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