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Hockey Stick Makes Defensive Play of the Year [VIDEO]


Who’s the best little hockey stick in the NHL? Why, it’s the plucky hockey stick that belongs to St. Louis Blues forward Derek Roy. Things were getting pretty heated between the Blues in their game against the Ottawa Senators, and Roy was swooping in to grab the puck when…well, we guess the hockey stick got stuck. And then Roy went on his way while the stick managed to stop the puck and trip a player.

After that, we figure the stick took a shower and nailed a hockey groupie. That’s what we would’ve done. But, seriously–has anyone ever seen that movie The 6th Man with Marlon Wayans and Kadeem Hardison? It’s about a basketball team that’s being helped by a ghost. We’re just saying that we wouldn’t want to be alone in that hockey arena after dark. How come nobody ever takes movies like The 6th Man seriously?

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