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Fireplace, The Movie Trailer… Thanks to Netflix [VIDEO]


Sadly, not every home can have a roaring fireplace because of building codes, fire hazards and residents who shouldn’t have access to sharp forks let alone fire building materials. Netflix has come up with a perfect solution. The movie and TV delivery service is offering a “Fireplace for Your Home” video that shows a roaring fireplace on your TV, iPhone or iPad.

Netflix’s version actually offers three different kinds of fireplace videos for people who don’t have access to a fireplace during the holidays: a “crackling yule log fireplace” and a regular “crackling fireplace” with or without traditional Christmas music.

Fireplace videos are nothing new to television but this is the first year that Netflix’s popular on-demand movie and TV delivery service is offering a fireplace for its customers. TV stations all across the country have aired a yule log broadcast on Christmas since it’s an easy to way to avoid dead air during the holidays without asking an employee to give up theirs.

The tradition actually started back in 1966 on WPIX in New York, according to, when a Christmas loving station manager thought it might be nice for some of the Big Apple’s apartment dwellers to have a fireplace to go with their holiday parties and Christmas trees. The tradition lasted for more than 20 years after the station cut back on the fireplace broadcast to cut costs. Since then, other stations picked up on the idea and some video and DVD houses have actually sold fireplace loops during the holidays and if you sat close enough to your screen, you can actually feel some heat depending on how pathetic you’re willing to feel.

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