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Emma Olson Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]


Emma Olson is a blonde American model who should be on your radar. Where she’s from exactly we don’t know but there’s a good chance she’s from somewhere high up. Maybe, like, heaven or something. A better bet maybe is somewhere on the West Coast–considering that she’s represented by LA Models (along with On Your Radar Veteran Denise Schaefer).

Recently Emma shot a test shoot with photographer Lucas Passmore, who posted selects on his Tumblr page. She’s also worked on a handful of catalogue shoots, including¬†Chloe Oliverus.

She seems to be pretty quiet on social media (and on the rest of the internet for that matter) but if she blows up like we’re expecting her to, that won’t be for much longer. Check out her portfolio below.

Agency: LA Models | Nationality: USA | Measurements: 32-24-35

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