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Dylan Penn Is The New Face (and Bod) of The Gap [PHOTOS]


Dylan Penn has just seen her modeling career take off with a new booking for The Gap–but we’re not surprised. In fact, Dylan Penn was one of the first names to ever be featured in COED’s fine On Your Radar column. So when we say that hot gals like Bryana Holly and Danielly Silva should be On Your Radar–well, we mean that, you know? It’s going to hurt our feelings if you don’t start believing in us.

Anyway, Dylan Penn was born into hotness as the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright. The dad isn’t our idea of a sex symbol, of course, but Robin Wright is plenty hot. Especially when they let her do lesbian scenes in the Netflix series House of Cards. That’s enough for Dylan to count as Hollywood royalty. It looks like Dylan has also inherited her father’s disdain for the showbiz press. The 22-year-old was recently romantically linked with Twilight star Robert Pattinson, and then complained to GQ that, ‘That’s been very foreign to me. But actually kind of funny, because it’s all bulls**t.”

That makes us feel good about Dylan Penn. We’re very skeptical about any showbiz press linking Robert Pattinson to a lady, and it’s nice to know that Dylan won’t just play along with something to gain some exposure. As you can see by these very nice pics, Dylan has everything she needs to make it on her own as a hot model. We’ll be seeing more of Dylan when her Gap shoot debuts in January. For now, let’s get gaping at Dylan’s delicious earlier work…

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