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Catrinel Marlon on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Catrinel Marlon on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

(10:00 PM EST, CBS)

The holiday season means lots of Christmas specials and heartwarming special episodes–and the chance to catch up on Catrinel Marlon in a tight red dress in tonight’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Did your humble See Her Tonight column fail you in notifying you about Catrinel Marlon’s appearance earlier? Probably. Sometimes it’s hard to cover every hot babe in our living rooms. For example, tonight’s CSI also includes the lovely Susie Abromeit–but, you know, we did catch guest appearances by the likes of Luciana FaulhaberAnne McDaniels, and Sandra Vergara.)

It can be tough to keep track of Catrinel Marlon, too. A lot of fans still know her from her modeling days billed as Catrinel Menghia. Anyway, tonight is a repeat of when Catrinel Marlon shows up in a sexy story arc as a mysterious woman who sweeps Wallace Langham’s character right off his feet. There’s nothing mysterious about Catrinel, though. She’s your usual Romanian farm girl who grew up to become a world-class high jumper before moving to Milan to become a fashion model for some of the industry’s most respected brands.

Oh, and she also modeled swimsuits for Sports Illustrated. Catrinel has been flirting with acting since 2011. It hasn’t taken long for acting to fall in love with Catrinel Marlon. Her story arc on CSI wasn’t just a big deal to her in 2013. It also livened up the show. We’re hoping that everyone else in Hollywood was paying attention, because Catrinel has been spending too much time honing her craft in Italian productions. Fortunately, she’s still settled in the States. In fact, in New York City, which we know from following her via Twitter.

We can’t follow her down the street anymore because of some kind of silly misunderstanding about stalking. Fortunately, there are plenty of public displays from Catrinel, so check her out now before getting to enjoy a CSI rerun tonight..

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