Michelle Trachtenberg on “NCIS: Los Angeles” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Michelle Trachtenberg on NCIS: Los Angeles

(9:00 PM EST, CBS)

Michelle Trachtenberg is guesting on NCIS: Los Angeles tonight–and it’s not even Sweeps Week, so this must be the show’s Christmas present to guys. We know the show has a Christmas theme, but the big plot is about Michelle as a U.S. Senator’s daughter who gets attacked under mysterious circumstances, sending the NCIS team out to hunt down the perpetrators. (NCIS: Los Angeles, of course, has gotten See Her Tonight hunting down ladies like Diane YangAnne McDaniels, and Claire Forlani.)

Michelle Trachtenberg has always been a big name for guys, of course–ever since she went from being a kiddie star on Nickelodeon’s Pete and Pete to getting hip with the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2000. That was when she suddenly appeared as Buffy’s younger sister who didn’t really exist, but don’t ask why because Joss Whedon’s a genius. Michelle then proved she was all grown up in the 2004 comedy EuroTrip. That was quickly followed by a quick turn on the HBO series Six Feet Under, where she briefly appeared as a sexually compulsive pop star. Remember that scene where the character wouldn’t let Ellen DeGeneres into her dressing room? We would’ve filmed that differently.

Michelle hasn’t done very well on the big screen, but we loved seeing her paired with the pairs of Lacey Chabert in the 2006 horror movie Black Christmas. Now we have Michelle in our living room, and that’ll tide us over until we get the upcoming film adaptation of the graphic novel Scribble. That’s the story of a schizophrenic gal, and the movie reunites Michelle with former Buffy costar Eliza Dushku. We’ll keep up with Michelle’s other projects via Twitter–but right now, keep up with these hot pics that might put your privates in Trachtion…

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