Jamie Landau Has An Actor’s Reel [FUNNY OR DIE VIDEO]

Jamie Landau is an Official Actor Xtrodinare, and we know this via the folks at Funny Or Die–which is showcasing Jamie’s fine short “An Actor’s Reel,” which has a reel-within-a-reel-within-a-comedy sketch. We think. This kind of thing gets confusing. The important thing is that Funny Or Die has gone kind of Ron Burgundy crazy over the past several days, so it’s nice to get a break from Anchorman 2 Fever.

So it’s a big break for Jamie Landau as he gets a big break by standing out as an aspiring actor who gets a big break. That’s getting confusing again. It’s still better than you’d expect from the usual poor soul who’s written for COED–although Jamie was off covering film premieres and Coachella.

The important thing is that there are plenty of fun ideas crammed into Jamie’s work here. So enjoy the fresh young talent as he sells himself as a fresh young talent. Which sounds redundant. Really, the sketch is a lot more simple than we’re making it out to be…

[coedfunnyordie key=”6e74b226bc” width=”512″ height=”328″]

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