December 17, 2013: 53 Milla Jovovich Pics For Her 38th Birthday

Milla Jovovich is turning 38 years old on This Day of Our “Good Lord!” 2013–which means she probably has a few more years of kicking zombie ass. Those are zombies in the Resident Evil movies, right? Except for those mutants. We dunno. We’re old enough to remember when the Resident Evil movies were the closest things we could get to bog-budget zombie movies for a while, though.

That was way back when Resident Evil debuted in 2002. Before that, Milla Jovovich was a serious actress, too. She got her start as a young gal in the impressively trashy movie Two Moon Junction, but Milla was a respectable gal by the time she showed up in 1992’s Chaplin. That was the critically-acclaimed Charlie Chaplin biopic that got Robert Downey, Jr. an Oscar nomination.

Milla only became more respectable in movies like He Got Game, Dazed and Confused, and The Fifth Element–that last one being a smart sci-fi epic that critics loved. She also released a 1994 album called The Divine Comedy, which made Milla one of the rare actresses/models who also impressed the critics as a songwriter.

Then she bombed big with 1999’s The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc. That historical epic (and the fizzling of two hip indie films) shook up Milla’s standards, and she started the next century with a great comic turn in Zoolander. Then she took on the Umbrella Corporation in 2002’s Resident Evil. Milla has never looked back as a kick-ass action hero.

Maybe she should’ve looked twice at the script for 2006’s Ultraviolet, but Milla is still pretty much every guy’s favorite big-screen brawler. We know that she might get all classy again someday–but for now, let’s enjoy how Milla has made movies for men while striking hot poses over the years as a real woman…

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