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Tom Selleck’s Daughter Eats Steak, Wears Lingerie, Smokes Cigars [PICS + VIDEO]


Tom Selleck has a daughter named Hannah. She’s turning 25 years old today, and she’s a model with an offbeat look and a totally smokin’ hot bod. We did not learn this from Victoria’s Secret, or any other major fashion brand. We’re getting this ¬†important news from the fine folks at Reviver–who make the world’s first dry deodorant for clothes. Yes, it’s the fabulous swipe that can leave anything smelling as fresh as a daisy. Even the COED offices after our regular Friday night party.

Or so we’re ready to assume, because Reviver has made us loyal customers for life with their upcoming ad campaign featuring Hannah Selleck. We’re not joking when we call these guys marketing geniuses. Reviver has launched their brand with a behind-the-scenes video featuring Hannah Selleck doing all kinds of things that can get a room dirty. That includes chomping on steak and lobster, smoking cigars, and lounging on a bed while showing off some lovely lingerie. The last one certainly gets our minds dirty. We’ll be impressed if Reviver could make something clean out of that.

We especially like how Hannah isn’t some kind of generic beauty. There’s something exotic about this gal–who also just happens to be an expert show jumper in the equestrian¬†world. (That means she can ride a horse better than we can.) Any guy would risk the wrath of Magnum, P.I. for the chance to date this darling daughter. We’d be a little more afraid if we thought about Hannah being the daughter of that guy that Tom Selleck plays on Blue Bloods–but we’d still risk it.

For now, we’re settling for following Hannah on Twitter. You’ll do the same after checking out these amazing stills from the Reviver video, which we’ve added below the gallery. We think that you’ll be feeling plenty revived…

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