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The 25 “Most Spirited” Santacon 2013 Moments [PIC DUMP + 1 VIDEO]


Despite six inches of snow in New York City, this past weekend Santacon (the largest bar crawl in New York City) went on as scheduled. Some people love it. Some people hate it. But the one thing that everyone has in common is that we all have to deal with it–whether that means stepping over passed out Santas, taking photos of the nonsense that occurs, or doing a bunch of shots with Mrs. Claus.

While we missed the crawl due to Friday night’s festivities, it’s tradition here to pull together what we feel like were the funniest/most memorable moments from this year’s Santacon (2012 | 2011 editions here).

This year, you’ll see that there are only 24 photos. No, we didn’t miscount due to a hangover. it’s because we found video evidence of what we think could be the most infamous moment from 2013 Santacon. Instagram user @PeepingJohn allegedly caught SFW footage of “Santa’s little helper” getting some manual labor from one of his elves.

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