December 16, 2013: 32 Sexiest Krysten Ritter Pics For Her 32nd Birthday [PHOTOS]

One of the saddest events of 2013 was Krysten Ritter getting canceled from the airwaves in Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23. Yes, that’s a relative thing, but the awkwardly named ABC sitcom about a bad girl in NYC was–like many a gal in NYC–plenty of fun and desperate for attention. The show even once included a pixelated full-frontal nude scene from star Kristen Ritter, who looked plenty hot even though she was…well, pixelated, and is older than you think.

In fact, one of our favorite burgeoning brunettes is turning 32 years old today. The former model has sure made a great transition into being a quirky actress. Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23 was Krysten’s well-earned bid for stardom after her fine work in Breaking Bad, where she briefly stole the show as doomed addict Jane Margolis. Before that, Krysten had built a more cultish following via cultish shows, including Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls.

It was up to a quirky hit like Breaking Bad to establish Krysten Ritter as a quirky beauty. Not that Krysten had ever really suffered as a beauty. As noted, she was working steadily as a model. In fact, Krysten is one of those gals who spend a little too much time assuring us that she’s really brave to be so confident despite never having to care about her looks. She’s hip, though, as you can see by following Ritter on Twitter.

We care plenty about Krysten’s looks, of course–and her career, which is still doing great despite that sitcom getting canceled. She has plenty of films coming up, and is even reprising her role in the upcoming big-screen Veronica Mars. We’re sure that we’ll have plenty of chances to marvel at Krysten’s marvelous bod in the future. But let’s not waste a chance to do that now…

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