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Courtney Stodden and Her Breasts Won A Lifetime Achievement Award [PHOTOS]


What’s the worst thing that happened on this past Friday the 13th? Some would say that Western Civilization had a pretty bad time with Courtney Stodden winning a Lifetime Achievement Award. Others would say, “Hey, it’s the holiday season, and there are plenty of dopey nightlife awards ceremonies being held, and, furthermore, breasts!”

Which is an equally valid point. The facts remain that Courtney Stodden attended the World of Wonder Christmas Party and was rewarded handsomely. World of Wonder, of course, is a fabulous reality-show production company (and website) that brought out a major crowd for their holiday bash at the Universal Studios backlot. It was a reality-show extravaganza with the likes of Kato Kaelin, Adam Lambert, and LaToya Jackson. And, of course, Courtney Stodden–whose big achievements this year was getting ready to divorce her much-older husband after appearing in a season of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. Oh, and she also released a dance single, and became a brunette.

That last achievement was probably the most daring and unexpected move of Courtney Stodden’s very busy 2013. Good for her. Now check out these pics and grasp why even Courtney’s detractors feel compelled to keep an eye on the 19-year-old award winner. Specifically, the WOWIE Lifetime Achievement Award for holding our attention for 12 whole months. It helped that 2013 gave everyone their first look at Courtney Stodden naked.

Anyway, World of Wonder had Chi Chi LaRue as the event’s DJ. We would’ve attended just for that–since the notably gay film director has also made some masterpieces of lesbian porn. There’s a guy who really deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award. Check out these pics, though, and you might agree that the WOWIES made a good call with Courtney, too…

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