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Brian Griffin Lives, But Everybody Else Died Yesterday


Brian Griffin is back! To the absolute surprise of absolutely nobody, since the demise of the dog on Family Guy was always obviously a publicity stunt. Yes, the beloved pooch was hit by a car, and, yes, Stewie couldn’t build his time machine to save him, but, hey, Stewie finally got around to building a time machine to save Brian. It was that simple. At least it made for a relatively touching Christmas episode in the Family Guy world.

But you know who’s really, really dead? All kinds of cool people. In fact, the Grim Reaper had one of the busiest weekends we’ve seen in a while…

Noted actor Peter O’Toole died at the age of 81. He starred in plenty of cool movies like The Stunt Man and Lawrence of Arabia, and was one of the acting world’s great alcoholics. Everyone was baffled that O’Toole lived for as long as he did–but he was always stubborn like that.

Also, we lost Tom Laughlin–who became a big deal in the 1970s after his low-budget drive-in movie Billy Jack became a huge smash. The guy was 40 years old when he wrote and directed and starred in Billy Jack. Laughlin then promptly lost his mind while making the conspiracy-fueled follow-up Billy Jack Goes To Washington. The guy was a real character, and should’ve been more remembered as the Steven Seagal of the Hippies.

It was a tough weekend for actresses, too. One of Hollywood’s longest-running rivalries was settled when Oscar-winning actress Joan Fontaine died at the age of 96. She had a legendary family feud with her Oscar-winning sister Olivia de Havilland, who’s still alive at the age of 97–and who hadn’t talked to her sister since the 1970s.

And yet everyone’s excited over a cartoon dog, and not even mentioning that actress Audrey Totter is dead. She was 96 years old, and we can guarantee that you would’ve wanted to have sex with her back in the 1940s. Too late now, though. Dang. Where’s Stewie and his time machine when you really need him?

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