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Natalya on Total Divas

(10:00 PM EST, E!)

We know all the cool people will be tuning in to Homeland‘s big finale tonight–but then you can enjoy some choice reality television with the season finale of Total Divas on the E! network. We usually don’t pay much attention to reality television, but it’s been a good week for divas. We’ve already ogled the battlin’ Bella Twins as Divas of the Year earlier this week. Now tonight’s episode of Total Divas has Natalya (who also gets known as Natalya Neidhart) getting ready for her wedding.

And we never mind showcasing strong women here at COED. Well, your humble See Her Tonight column last spotlighted Kendra Wilkinson faking her work as a boxing gal, but COED has shown plenty of love for lethal ladies like Cameron and Kaitlyn. Natlya has certainly gotten a lot of hearts in a hammerlock, too. She was born into the legendary Hart Clan (that includes Bret Hart) as a third-generation wrestler. Natalya grew up knowing the value of a hot blonde babe who can handle herself in the wrestling ring.

She’s been a big favorite in the WWE for several years, and has easily stolen Total Divas with her rivalry with those Bella Twins. You can also keep up with Natalya’s slightly more real life via Twitter. Now we’ll let the bold brunette Bellas enjoy their new Slammy Awards, while we enjoy this slammin’ collection of naughty and nice Natalya pics…

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