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NASA Just Built A Robot That Looks Like Iron Man [VIDEO]


This is the robot that will eventually turn against us or defend us against the other robots that will eventually turn against us.

NASA just released a video of their new Valkyrie “superhero” robot. With the glowing orb in the center of it’s chest, it definitely looks like a superhero. The robot was built to take part in DARPA’s Virtual Robotics Challenge. If you don’t know what DARPA is, it’s a govenrment agency that develops futuristic weapons. Check out some of the ones they’ve already funded here.

The Virtual Robotics Challenge is meant to see who can build the best robot that will help humanity. NASA is planning to send Valkyrie to Mars in advance of astronauts and explore the planet with its multiple cameras, strong exoskeleton and creepy face. Let’s hope the robots at the challenge don’t decide to team up and crush their puny human overlords.


  • COED Writer