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The Original ‘Superman’ Movie Was Released 35 Years Ago Today [VIDEO]


Today in 1978, the original Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve opened in Los Angeles. Back in 1978, superhero movies didn’t come out every couple of months. Hollywood took a risk and made the movie and was rewarded with a huge success. The film was loved by critics, audiences and nerds alike. If it wasn’t for this movie, we may not have all the superhero movies we do today. Let’s look back at some of this movie’s iconic scenes and see how they still hold up. Even if the special effects are a little silly.

Here is the original trailer for Superman. It still makes you want to see the movie. Who isn’t intrigued by “a civilization, much like ours, but with greater intelligence and a greater capacity for good”?

“Statistically speaking it’s still the safest way to travel.” Admit it. Every guy has had a fantasy where they have super powers, save a girl and say a witty line before flying away.

General Zod is just a big time jerk. Superman will set him straight.

There isn’t a more touching and sad goodbye in all of film. Sure, there’s the ending scene in Casablanca. But that girl just gets in a boring airplane. This kid gets on a sweet space ship.

“Do not punish yourself for you feelings of vanity. Simply learn to control them.” There isn’t a person on Earth or Krypton who couldn’t use this advice from time to time.

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