Friday The 13th 2015: Most Perfectly Timed & Unlucky Photos

As a sacrifice to the Friday the 13th gods, we’ve compiled the best/worst unlucky moments for you in the hopes that we stay safe all day. The funny paradox here is that what was unlucky for one person, is conversely very lucky for another.

How often are these photographers going to get another perfectly-timed shot like that again? These were all one-in-a-million opportunities.

We haven’t left the office all day, nor do we really feel like risking our lives by stepping outside into the actual world. Instead, we’ll be quietly laughing to ourselves as we revisit some of the funniest poor souls to ever wind up on the web.

I don’t believe that any of these are fake or doctored, but you never know on the internet. As always, you’re welcome to discuss your conspiracy theories in the comment section below.

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