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Natalia Siwiec’s 41 Sexiest Instagram Photos


Bad news everyone. Poland didn’t make the World Cup this year so unfortunately we won’t bare witness to the sexy Polish superfan who is Natalia Siwiec. You all remember the busty model whose photo was being passed around the internet without a name until we were the ones to put the pieces together. It was pretty much the highlight of our month.

But what we can say is that somewhere, some sexy model will step up and grab the camera’s attention. It happened at the 2010 World Cup with Larissa Riquelme. It happened at the 2012 Euro Cup with Natalia. It will happen (probably more than once) in Brazil. But until that happens and another model’s career is made, let’s remember Natalia Siwiec fondly… and follow her on Instagram (@nataliasiwiec_iamreal) because I think she’s going to go to Brazil anyways.

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