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Genesis Rodriguez In “HOURS” (And Saying Goodbye To Paul Walker, Too) [PHOTOS]


It was a grim gathering of Paul Walker fans at this morning’s screening of Hours at the AMC Theater in Times Square. A dedicated first wave of fans had gathered to see the deceased movie star on the big screen. Things got even more grim as we realized that the script for Hours wasn’t nearly as good as Paul Walker’s performance. The guy is in pretty much every scene as a father trying to keep his newborn alive amongst the mayhem of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans. And, as usual, Paul Walker completely throws himself into the role.

There’s a reason that you’ve seen an unusual amount of respect for Walker after his death–partly because there’s so many stories of him being a good guy, but also because he’d impressed lots of people with roles outside of the Fast & Furious films. Hours is another of those showcases. And we’re particularly impressed because Walker convinces us that his character wants to live after his wife dies during childbirth, and his wife is the incredibly hot Genesis Rodriguez.

Yes, we’re making a shift here that’s worthy of an action scene from a Fast & Furious movie. But life is for the living, and Genesis Rodriquez always makes us feel really alive. Even when she’s playing a doomed mom-to-be. The native Floridian really broke out earlier this year in Identity Thief, and she also makes an impression in Hours–even though her presence is mainly felt when Walker does a few great turns as a grieving husband.

But now it’s time to get cheered up on this Friday the 13th, and we’re in luck because we have a big stash of Genesis Rodriguez’s sexiest Facebook photos. As the kind of guys who made Paul Walker a star with his biggest franchises, we just have to believe that he wouldn’t begrudge us going on to spend a few hours with Genesis Rodriguez today. Just consider this a little consolation if you’re in a city where you can get out to Hours today, and need some comforting later on…

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