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December 13, 2013: Michelle Jenneke Is On The Beach [46 PHOTOS]


 Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke wasn’t the first gal to become internet-famous, but she was easily one of the most beloved. After all, she wasn’t seeking attention. Michelle Jenneke simply did an impromptu little warm-up dance before running the 100-meter hurdles race at the 2012 World Junior Championships in Athletics in Barcelona.

Someone was smart enough to catch it on video, and the resulting Youtube posting had all kinds of guys checking out the cute mix of muscle and jiggle. Okay, that doesn’t sound really sexy, but it looked like this….

Of course, that was way back in 2012. Since then, we’ve moved on to much more exciting internet entities, like, um…Grumpy Cat. That cat is sure something, isn’t he? Always grumpy. Michelle Jenneke is still around, though. She’s charming as ever, too.

The track and field celebrity hasn’t gone nuts trying to capitalize on her bizarre fame. Her Sports Illustrated appearance wasn’t treated like a big deal, and she’s simply gone on with her life while having some fun with the whole thing. That’s certainly admirable. But it seems that the press just discovered that Michelle has an Instagram account. She’s on Twitter,too–and word has gotten out courtesy of Michelle posting a picture of herself helpfully pointing out the name of a beach in Sydney…

So that’s gotten a lot of folks excited. We guess it’s because they didn’t know it was still warm weather in Australia. Yes, that’s certainly interesting. Also, Shelly Beach reminds us of Shell Beach in the movie Dark City. Ever see that one? It’s a really good sci-fi film. Oh, and we’re happy to join in the reminders that Michelle Jenneke is looking as awesome as ever–but we already knew that, and you’ll want to warm up before checking out this big gallery of Michelle’s amazing bod…

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