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Brooklyn Decker Has A Dog Named “Bob Costas;” We Have 40 Brooklyn Decker GIFs [+ VIDEO]


Brooklyn Decker has given sportscaster Bob Costas the greatest honor known to man. Well, maybe it’s really the second-greatest honor, behind getting your own breakfast cereal–but Brooklyn Decker has a dog that she has named “Bob Costas.” You can see the Sports Illustrated model explaining all that to Jay Leno above, and the Tonight Show host doesn’t dwell on it nearly enough. Fellow guest Kevin Hart seems more excited about the whole thing.

We get that Brooklyn Decker is married to some tennis bum who might know Bob Costas. That’s nice. If we were Bob Costas, though, we’d be a lot more excited–especially since Brooklyn calls the dog by its full name. As the striking supermodel explains to Leno, “We were going to name him Joe Montana, but then, like,  ‘Joe’ rhymes with ‘no,’ so it’s terrible for training a puppy.” 

Which means that Bob Costas can now fantasize about Brooklyn saying things like, “Come, Bob Costas, come.” Or how about, “Would you like a treat, Bob Costas?” There’s even good reason to believe that Brooklyn Decker has said, “Do you want to get in bed, Bob Costas?”

Also, maybe Brooklyn has said, “Bob Costas, quit humping that pillow!” That’s not as sexy, but it’s a fun thought if you’re not the actual Bob Costas. No reason for him to have all of the fun. And speaking of fun–there’s no better way to avoid trouble on Friday the 13th than staying indoors and ogling hot GIFs of Brooklyn Decker. So it’s a good thing that she’s come up on the news today. Check out these hot images and…well, stay away from that pillow…

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