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Air Hockey and Alcohol Collide Head-On to Create “Alcohockey”


Two of the greatest things you can do at a bar that won’t get you kicked out have been crammed together to create a truly awesome alcoholic experience. A very enterprising Canadian has created a new competitive style of drinking called “Alcohockey”. [Image via Imgur]

The game requires a regulation air hockey table, a ton of tasty alcohol and a large directional boring drill with a bigger circumference than the puck. Naturally, we don’t recommend that you ever mix the last two in any situation. You drill six holes on either side of the air hockey table that are also big enough to hold six cups filled with your favorite adult beverage. Whenever the puck lands in one of the holes, then you have to take a big ol’ drink. The winner is, well, everyone because it either gets you really drunk or you get to watch what one of your friends looks like when they chug six drinks in a row.

The unidentified creator of the game calls it a “Canadian version of beer pong” and it’s an ingenious idea so he should probably hurry up and patent it before someone beats him to it. Hopefully, this will inspire other enterprising drinkers to combine their favorite childhood games into excuses to make someone chug a whole beer or seven like “Chutes and Lagers,” “Six-Pac-Man” or even a hybrid style of drunken pinball called “Pinhighball.” Hey, this all reminds us of another hybrid sport that usually involves a lot of drinking…

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