Victoria’s Secret Is Selling a Cheaper Version of $10 Million “Fantasy Bra”

Not sure what to get the Miss COED in your life for Christmas this year? May we humbly suggest a knock-off version of the world’s most expensive bra. Victoria’s Secret announced that they are releasing a more affordable version of their Dream Angels Royal Fantasy Bra.

The more expensive version of the lingerie powerhouse’s jewel-encrusted bra normally goes for around $10 million but the more affordable version unveiled at a recent fashion show on Tuesday will only set you back $295 (or $147.50 per cup). The original version might sound like a lot for something that’s just supposed to lift and separate but it’s expensive for a reason. The designers used 4,200 hand-cut rubies, diamonds and sapphires with a 52-karat ruby in the center and the entire design is set in 18-karat gold.

The $295 version has rhinestones and it comes with a $58 low-cut thong to create a matching set.

It might sound like a lot for something that most people won’t even see but it’s actually a step down from last year’s model–worth around $2.5 million.

The added value is the look on the recipient’s face when they think that you bought them something that’s worth more than your combined net-worth. If anything, she’ll know exactly what to give you for Christmas.

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