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Urban Skiiers Trying To Ski In Abandoned Detroit Are Unwelcome [VIDEO]


This video of skiers trying to jib in the abandoned buildings and areas of Detroit is hands-down the coolest thing you’ll see all day. Along with “Poor Boyz Productions,”¬†Karl Fostvedt, Khai Krepela, and Max Morello wanted to use the urban environments Detroit offers for their ski video called “Tracing Lines.”

Their plan was to get guerilla with everything, bringing only trucks of snow to cover the glass and bricks they’d be skiing over. What they found instead were local “residents,” some of whom were less than happy to have people invading on their territory.

As a skiier, I love the idea (and execution) of this video but the best moment comes when the crew notices that they’re being watched by a black SUV. Filled with people wearing ski masks… Ski masks not meant for skiing.

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