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Miley Cyrus Made Santa Happy At A Jingle Ball [PHOTOS]


It’s been a while since Miley Cyrus has gotten rowdy. We’ve been relying on older pics (and GIFs) since the gal has been downright sedate lately. But now we’re thrilled to see that the pop diva is revving up to end the year with a bang. She certainly got things rocking at the KDWB Jingle Ball in St. Paul, Minnesota. Now, we like Minnesota just fine. We have proud COED staffers from that great land–but it’s still kind of a shock to see a big-name Jingle Ball happening there. We remember when Jingle Balls were sacred rites reserved for New York City and Los Angeles.

We’re frankly a little surprised to see Miley Cyrus dropping into St. Paul, that’s all. But maybe we’re just jealous, because Miley brought along her full entourage for the event. That includes Miley’s usual sex dwarfs, although now they’re sexy elves. And there was a Santa, of course, except that Santa wasn’t as giving as Miley’s clinging one-piece that got our chestnuts roasting. That outfit has already given us plenty of fantasies, so we’re eager to share the pics with you nice boys. We also like the fur that Miley wraps herself in–especially since the outfit includes a fur purse that makes her look like a sexy raccoon.

We haven’t had many fantasies about sexy racoons before, but Miley has done a lot this year to give her fans plenty to think about. Also, “Wrecking Ball” really was a great song. We were going to say that the song didn’t deserve the distraction of a naked Miley riding a literal wrecking ball in the video, but then we remembered that we like girls. And we’re really liking Miley in these pics…

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