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Britney Spears: “Britney Jean” Album Sales Go Cold [PHOTOS]


Britney Spears may not be heading into happy holidays–if we’re going by the new Britney Jean and album sales. According to Billboard, Britney Spears’ new album only managed to debut at No. 4 in its opening week. That’s behind Garth Brooks’ boxed set Blame It All on My Roots: Five Decade of Influences, along with One Direction’s Midnight Memories and Kelly Clarkson’s latest Christmas album Wrapped in Red.

Her singles didn’t fare much better. The album’s lead song “Work Bitch!” barely made it to No. 14 on Billboard’s Pop Songs charts after only eight weeks making it the shortest lasting single in her career. Then her studio released her “Perfume” single and so far, it’s only made it as high as No. 22 on the airplay charts.

Fourth place for an album might not sound bad on a national sales chart but keep in mind that this is someone who used to crank out No. 1 debut albums the way most of us dole out breaths of air. This isn’t even something that’s been happening slowly over time. Her last album Femme Fatale finished first on the charts just two years ago. Perhaps it’s time for the pop diva to have another breakdown although it’s hard to top letting the world watch you shave your head and beat on a photographer’s car with an umbrella. She’d also have to compete with career crazies like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes whose publicity stunts and brushes with the law make Spears’ breakdown look like a week in yoga rehab.

Of course, she has other redeeming qualities outside of her music career, as we recently noted with a fine birthday gallery that’s worth revisiting here. Britney may be aging out of the pop market, but she sure keeps us popping into the past…

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