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West Virginia Students Throw Money At Twerking Fan [VIDEO]


A twerking West Virginia Student was rewarded with both applause and money for her “performance” during halftime of their WVU vs. Gonzaga game. You can see that twerking footage in the video above but we encourage you to then immediately move to the video below because that’s where you can see students hurling fastballs of cash.

The reason she’s so f*cking drunk is because apparently they don’t sell booze at WVU basketball games (only their football games) so students pregame them pretty hard.

I can count at least 15 different bills being thrown at her which isn’t so bad for a few seconds work.

Of course, the only losers here are the actual West Virginia strippers; not because they lost out on potential customers but because they’re West Virginia strippers.

And yes, I’m well aware that this is the second “twerking” post that we’ve published today but I don’t care. I’m feeling very “late August/Early September 2013” at the moment.

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