Twerking Victoria’s Secret Models Backstage At The VS Fashion Show [VIDEO]

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show looked like a great time–both out at the runway and backstage. But it looks like no one had a better time than Cara Delevingne who recently uploaded a new instagram video (@CaradeleVingne) of Doutzen Kroes and Joann Smalls twerking while Cara provides the beatbox. You guys remember twerking, right?

This video happily surprises us for a few reasons, namely because we thought that we had already seen everything that could be seen, when in reality Cara was holding onto this video the whole time. She was playing us like a fiddle. And I love it.

It’s also great to see that Doutzen Kroes knows how to break it down–we had her pegged as more of an EDM dancer (remember that she’s married to Sunnery James). Would I say that she’s better than Joann? No. But this isn’t Joann’s first time twerking on film. We’ll give Doutzen a break.

What is it with models and shaking their moneymaker?

Speaking of trends, this also isn’t Cara’s first Instagram video of Victoria’s Secret Angel bottoms. She uploaded the “Name That Butt” video you see below the night of the actual event.

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