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No One Wants To Have Lunch With A-Rod, Most Hated Man in Baseball


It’s no secret that Alex Rodriguez is one of the least beloved athletes of our time but he’s so disliked that he can’t even get a lunch date these days. [Image via Keith Allison/Flickr]

The Boston Herald reported that the Yankees’ third-baseman who is currently on a long suspension for using prohibited, performance-enhancing substances couldn’t even pick up a bid for a lunch at a high profile auction.

The Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz is holding a charity auction and golf tournament for his children’s fund and one of the items up for grabs includes a lunch date with A-Rod himself. We assume the winner also got the chance to talk to him or ask him whatever you want, such as “What were you thinking?” and “Seriously, what were you thinking?” As of Wednesday, the auction item received zero bids, even with a low starting bid of $1,000.

Yes, the man might just be the least-liked figure in baseball with an approval rating that ranks somewhere near the US Congress but when you think about it, it’s still an amazing opportunity even if you’re not a fan of the guy.

He’s doing this for charity so he has to endure whoever sits down with him, even a diehard Red Sox fan who just paid for the privilege to laugh in his handsome face over unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks. You’re not just paying for the right to dine with the man. You’re paying for the right to speak on behalf of fans everywhere and tell him to his face what he’s doing to the almighty church of baseball. Oh and it’s also for the children.

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